Set Aglow

Upcoming concerts:::


Past Concerts:::

12.12.2015 -- Amsterdam, NL, Orgelpark

06.06.2015 -- Istanbul, TUR, Kulturakademie Tarabya

07.06.2015 -- Istanbul, TUR, Arkaoda CANCELLED (due to elections)

10.06.2015 -- Ankara, TUR, Goethe Institut

12.06.2015 -- Tehran, IR,  Niavaran Hall

13.06.2015 -- Tehran, IR,  Niavaran Hall

14.06.2015 -- Tehran, IR,  Swiss Embassy

19.05.2015 -- Amsterdam, NL, Roode Bioscoop

07.02.2015 -- Haarlem, NL, De Pletterij

08.02.2015 -- Utrecht, NL, Vechtclub

09.02.2015 -- Amsterdam, NL, Sociëteit De Kring, with Martin Fondse

26.02.2015 -- Hamburg, DE, Golem

27.02.2015 -- Kassel, DE, Museum für Sepulkralkultur

Set Aglow

Guitarist Martyn Heyne, best known for his live appearances with the Danish pop band Efterklang, steps into the limelight with leading clarinet soloist Claudio Puntin. Collectively, the duo have formed Set Aglow.

Armed with vintage 50’s German recording equipment, Heyne and Puntin spent a night locked away inside a reverb laden church in Berlin; their first recording together made between midnight and sunrise. A dreamy, nocturnal atmosphere breathes through their music as a result, with Puntin’s warm clarinet perfectly complementing Heyne’s multi-instrumental sound structures. 

Watch the exclusive video, created by Alex Zakkas and featuring the debut track ‘To the Shore ‘